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Dr Xavier Paqueron

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Dr Xavier Paqueron

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Ultrasound-guided trunk block... improving skill level, over 2 days

Regional Anaesthesia

Ultrasound-guided trunk block... improving skill level, over 2 days

  • Centre clinical - 2 Chemin de Fregeneuil, 16800 Soyaux, France
  • Booked 1 times
  • flag Languages spoken : French, English
  • 4-handed practice
  • Level required: advanced
  • Max 1 person
  • Duration : 2 days


Advanced program

Training objective: To widen your experience in thoracic wall RA, and in breast cancer surgery. Different ultrasound approaches for thoracic paravertebral blocks. PECS blocks.

Program details

Trunk wall RA has many interesting uses, notably the reduction of incidence and severity of chronic pain after breast surgery. Improvement with ultrasound-guided trunk blocks: thoracic paravertebral block and catheter, PECS blocks, abdominal wall block. Essential ultrasound-guided blocks of superior and inferior limbs, including distal trunk approaches, to gain autonomy in ultrasound-guided RA. I have versatile recruitment, except for pediatric cardiologists specializing in neurosurgery. Visceral, breast, gynecological, urologic: these rotate scheduled days, for example one day of ortho, one of digestive... Ortho: 2 surgeons: prosthetics of the shoulder, knee, hip. 2 hand and foot surgeons. isceral: bariatric+++ school of peridural GA. TAP gynecological: paravertebral+++ for reduction of chronic pain. Serious scientific evidence. On 3 levels for local anesthesia (waking mastectomy), or on 1 level if it's analgesic. Hypnosis practice, less for blocks than for chronic pain (auscultation on Mondays), spinal infiltration on Fridays. Service specialties: long-term peri-nervous catheters for algodystrophy (simple ulnar, distal, tibial, interscalene, femoral, sciatic, suprascapular, infraclavicular...). All our nurses are practiced in emergency pain care for at-home catheterizations. Consultation for ARS-labelled pain.

My equipment

Sonosite BK médical ECM

Associated skills

  • Acute Pain
  • Bloc au canal des adducteurs
  • Bloc sciatique par voie anterieure
  • Bloc sciatique par voie subglutéale
  • Bloc sensitif du nerf radial
  • Chronic pain
  • Clinical Pathway
  • Epidural and Spinal Blocks/ TAP
  • Hypnosis
  • Multimodal Analgesia
  • Neuropathic pain
  • PECS blocs
  • Perienural Catheters
  • Perineural Catheter
  • Peripheral Regional Block
  • Post Operative Rehabilitation
  • RAAC
  • Regional Anesthesia and Ambulatory
  • Regional Anesthesia and Neurostimulation
  • Regional anesthesia complications
  • Toxicity of LA
  • Trunk blocks
  • Ultrasound-Guided Puncture
  • foot blocks


Dr Xavier Paqueron


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