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medTandem trains you efficiently to ultrasound, in ideal and innovative conditions: remotely, by e-learning, accompanied by a mentor!
Our training courses are:

picto nomade

Lack of time or distance are not a brake to training anymore!
Thanks to dematerialization of the training tools, medTandem training courses can be followed anytime, from anywhere!

picto Accompagne

We can get quite easely lost when we learn by ourself. That's why a mentor takes care of you during all the training.
He answers to your questions and assist you during weekly web conferences.

picto Efficace

Our e-learnning is designed by passionated and captivating mentors.
The courses are clear, complete and didactic, almost exclusively in the form of small videos.

picto Certifiant

A training without certification is like knowing how to drive without having any driving license: it's a bit useless.
As a training organization, medTandem provide you a recognized diploma at the end of the training.

Where to start?

Quite simply whith this question: have you already practiced ultrasound?

picto Oui

You can start directly with a certifying course.
Some of them are already launched, others are being processed. You will find all those information on the certifying courses page.

picto Non

No problem, start with a discovery course!
It will provide you the needed bases to keep on going with a certifying course.

picto Echo

Practice is essential to learning. That's why it is necessary to own an ultrasound machine to follow our training courses.
You don't have one? Tell us, we will do our best to lend you one for the duration of the course!

Why ultrasound ?

picto Patient

A real service to the patient
Who will end the consultation convinced and reassured.

picto Arc

A huge professional evolution
The satisfaction of pushing diagnosis further.

picto Reponse-a-des-problematiques

An answer to usual problematics
Unblocks the emergencies and compensates the lack of radiologists in isolated places.