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Frequently Asked Questions

About medTandem

What is medTandem?

medTandem is the first mentorship platform dedicated to furthering medical training in practice. The ambition is to encourage the spread of innovative practices between physicians.

medTandem offers peer to peer training in the operative room or in the patient’s room over one or several days conducted by mentors who are passionate and good educators. Mentor and Trainees can truly practice together as both of them are fully covered by our insurance partner during the training..

Who is medTandem Team?

medTandem team is made of three passionate women driven by healthcare improvement. They get their energy from the ambition of revolutionizing continuing medical education as well as in their “Bordeaux” way of life…

  • Lucie Beylacq: medTandem co-funder and anesthesiologist. Lucie is also a Mentor in Regional Anesthesia in ophthalmology. She works in Bordeaux at the “Clinique Thiers”. She is a member of the French Society of Anesthesia and Resuscitation as well as several influent associations in Anesthesiology.
  • Elodie Baer: medTandem co-funder and anesthesiologist. Elodie is passionate about ultrasound innovations and techniques. She works at the Perigueux Public Hospital. She is also a member of the French Society of Anesthesia and Resuscitation.
  • Anne-Gaelle Dehery: Graduated from a Business School, she has worked four years at PayPal as Innovation and Business manager. Passionate about medicine she started medical studies later on, and then joined medTandem incredible adventure.

How it works

What is a medTandem?

A medTandem is a medical practical training between a Mentor and one or several Trainees. The training aims at easing knowledge sharing between physicians in practice, directly at the patient’s bed or in the operative room.

Who are the Mentors?

Mentors are carefully selected by medTandem Team for their experience, their passion and their pedagogy. They are willing to share their competencies and thus get a compensation for the time and energy they infuse in the training.

Are medTandem trainings certified?

Yes, most of our medTandem trainings are approved and certified by the CFAR, French College of Anesthesia and Resuscitation.

Am I covered while doing medTandem training?

Yes, and that is one of our most valuable assets: thanks to our insurance partner both the Mentor and the Trainee are fully covered during the training. Mentor and Trainees can thus truly practice together.


Is registration on medTandem for free?

Yes you can create an account on www.medtandem.com for free. It gives you access to all the content (video, documents) offered by the mentors, it also allows you to get in touch with mentors and to book training

Who can register on medTandem?

All physicians with a License number or fellows with a training license, from all over the world can register on medTandem.

I can’t access my account. How can I do?

If you have any difficulty in accessing your account or in finding training don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’ll be very glad to help you.

What are the profile verifications?

When you create an account on medTandem, the team checks that you’re a registered physician and needs your license number to confirm you.

Book medTandem training

How can I book medTandem training?

All you need to do to book medTandem trainings is to get registered on the platform. It will take you around five minutes. Then you will be able to book a training by clicking on « Book this medTandem » on the description page of the training. The medTandem team will then contact you to follow up on the organization.

If you don’t find the training you are looking for, please contact us at [email protected]. Some of our trainings are not online yet and we’ll do our best to find a solution for you!

I’m not French, can I get have access to medTandem?

Of course you can. medTandem is open to all licensed physicians worldwide. We will ask you a copy of your professional card or a proof of your license number.

You can even apply to become a Mentor. To do so, please send us a mail at [email protected] detailing your special competencies.

How can I pay my medTandem training?

Either you finance it yourself, or you can ask your hospital or healthcare structure to pay for the costs, as most of our trainings are included in the continuing medical training.

What does the price of the medTandem mean?

The price includes the services offered by medTandem (meaning the Insurance allowing you to practice together and the administrative organization), as well as the compensation for the Mentor. It does not include accommodation and travel costs.

Organization of my medTandem training

The training is far away or in another country, how can I do?

medTandem team is here to help you organize the accommodation and travel for your training. Don’t hesitate to ask for help by writing us at [email protected].

Can I come to the training with a colleague?

Yes of course if the Mentor agrees. It can be even better as it allows you to bring back the new acquired competency more easily in your structure. Don’t hesitate to ask your Mentor for that.

When are the trainings scheduled?

It’s up to the Trainee and the Mentor to agree on a certain time for the training. We let you set this up together as it depends on your planning.

Am I just watching or can I practice during the training?

The Trainee is under the responsibility of the Mentor. It all depends on what he agrees you to do. Most of them will let you practice, as it is the purpose of the training. Moreover trainings are secure as they are covered by insurance for both the Mentor and the Trainee.

In all cases the Trainee remains overseen by the Mentor who guides him during the training.


I want to become a Mentor, how can I do?

If you want to become a Mentor, please send us a mail at [email protected] detailing your special competencies. We’ll be contacting you to assess your application.

I am a Mentor; can I still book another medTandem training?

Yes, even Mentors have new things to learn. And the cool thing about being a Mentor is that trainings are free for you!

I am a Mentor, how should I proceed with my structure to host medTandem training?

medTandem team will send you documents that your structure needs to sign before hosting a training. It is basically for the director of your structure to be aware that an external doctor will be in his structure and to give his agreement for that.


medTandem is awesome, I’d like to work with you !

We are interested in every single good idea or new meeting. Please contact us at [email protected] so that we have a chat.