Dr Thomas  Loeb
Dr Thomas Loeb
Emergency Medicine
Garches , France




Fluid Therapy Fluid Therapy and Burn Care ACS Acute Pain Acute Repetitive Seizures Acute Severe Asthma Aerosol Therapy Analgesia and Intensive Care Anaphylactic Shock Aortic Emergencies Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation Brain Injury Bronchiolitis CO Intoxication COPD Exacerbation Cardiac Arrest Cardiac Massage Cardiomyopathy and Sudden Death Cardiovascular Distress Coma Diagnosis Announcement Difficult Intubation Dislocations Drowning Drug Intoxication EKG Fractures Full Stomach Gastric Ultrasonography General Anesthesia Hemorrhage Shock Intraosseous access Intubation Life Sustaining Treatment Limitation Mechanical Ventilation Newborn Intensice Care Non Invasive Ventilation Pain Management and Disaster Medicine Palliative Care Pediatric Acute Respiratory Failure Peripheral Regional Block Polytraumatized Psychiatry and Children Psychiatry and Teenager Rapid Sequence Induction Respiratory Distress Sedation out of OR and ICU Septic Shock Severe Acidosis Severe Cutaneous infections Severe Hypothermia Stitches Stroke Thrombolysis Transcardiac Ultrasound Transfusion Ultrasound Guided Pericardial Drainage Ultrasound Guided Venous Acces Wound Dressing Wounds gravity scores